The CIHA Dispensary

An affordable way to engage in Natural Health


As a registered Low-Profit Liability Company (L3C) in Vermont, our mission to decrease/remove barriers for obtaining holistic and integrated care means that we fore-go things such as standard membership fees. As a result, The CIHA operates a wellness store for the following reasons:

a. To offer an affordable way for anyone to learn about and obtain health supplements at discounted rates (general public at 10% below MSRP, THe CIHA members at 25% below MSRP).

b. To use any profit gained to support the development and sustainability of The CIHA.

The CIHA has partnered with Wellevate to create an easy way to research and obtain natural supplements, personalized and tailored to meet your unique needs for addiction support, mental health, physical health, and more. Significant discounts are provided to The CIHA's certified member Specialists and their referrals. 

Some nutritional supplements and common uses for addiction include:

  • Citicoline - reduce addiction potential, manage depression, increase energy
  • B Vitamins - manage depression, psychosis, alcohol abuse, improve energy
  • Lithium Orotate - improve mood, manage anxiety, depression, and improve memory
  • Taurine - manage anxiety and depression
  • Glutamine - manage cravings
  • Vitamin C - reduce stress, improve mood, manage cravings, manage anxiety & depression
  • Zinc - reduce cravings, manage withdrawal symptoms
  • Magnesium - reduce cravings, manage withdrawal symptoms
  • Vitamin D - improve mood, manage cravings, decrease risk of depression
  • N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) - reduce anxiety, assist with liver detox,manage alcohol withdrawal symptoms
  • Theanine - manage anxiety, reduce stress hormone production

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How we take care of our body is just as important to our mental health as it is for our physical health, and for feeling a sense of freedom and connection to a life full of joy and vitality. The CIHA acknowledges this as a core concept of Integrative Medicine/Health. However, many people experience barriers to obtaining nutritional supplements, including high cost, not knowing what to buy, feeling related to classism or other stigma, having no place to purchase them locally, etc. The CIHA intentionally lowers prices below MSRP and free shipping is available so that living a healthy life in this way is possible for more people.

Options for integrative, natural health should be possible and accessible for everyone.





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