Member Directory: Katherine Kelley

Katherine Kelley, MA, Psychologist, LADC, MSIHA


Master Specialist in Integrative Health & Addiction (MSIHA) - Lifetime, Charter Member

Awarded: Jul 21, 2020

Awarded To: Katherine A. Kelley, MA


Location: Winooski, VT, USA

Treatment areas: Trauma, Anxiety, Substance Abuse, Spiritual or Existential Crisis, Relationship Counseling, Parenting

Specialties/Modalities: Transpersonal, Somatic, Developmental, Family Systems (Internal and Bowen)


Personal bio

I aim to co-create the conditions for waking up and realizing the beauty and radiant Life that you already are. In the midst of your current suffering from past traumatic events and/or addictions this may seem like an impossible or distant dream. I am Somatic Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Practitioner. I facilitate mindful awareness of body sensations through to a range of somatic body mind interventions based on the latest knowledge in neurobiology. In accessing your body and mind's innate wisdom you will be able to release the effects of trauma and be free from compulsions and obsessions.

I am highly trained in yoga, meditation and mindfulness. The integration of the eastern wisdom traditions, and western somatic psychology allows for human beings to reach beyond just becoming functional in society, as medications and traditional therapies promise, towards the end of suffering and living from our true radiance.


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