Member Directory: Dr. Heather Humphrey-Leclaire

Heather Humphrey-Leclaire, PhD, MA, LCMHC, LADC, MAC, ACS, DCMHS, DSIHA

Distinguished Specialist in Integrative Health & Addiction (DSIHA) - Lifetime, Charter Member

Awarded: Jul 7, 2020

Awarded To: Heather Humphrey-Leclaire, PhD, MA, LCMHC, LADC


Location: Brattleboro, VT, USA

Treatment areas: Co-occurring disorders

Specialties/Modalities: Mindful self-compassion, CBT, REBT, DBT, ACT, solution-focused, object relations, motivational interviewing, and psychodynamic modalities.


Personal bio

Dr. Heather Humphrey-Leclaire has been practicing holistic therapy since earning her MA in clinical mental health counseling from Antioch University NE in 2010. She has developed and run two intensive outpatient programs to address addictions, the first for a community mental health agency and the second for a private mental health hospital. She has also served as an adjunct professor in Antioch's clinical mental health counseling program from 2015 to 2019.

Heather earned her doctorate from Antioch University's School for Leadership and Change in 2019. Her dissertation, "Therapists Who Specialize in Addiction: A Grounded Situational Analysis of a Stigmatized Profession," can be found at In her private practice, she integrates psychodynamic, behavioral, and mindful modalities to support clients in bringing their own deepest insights to bear on their greatest challenges.


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